Promontory Restaurant

Promontory Restaurant and Concert Hall is located at the University of Chicago’s Harper Court development in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago. The Promontory team, the same group behind Longman & Eagle and Thalia Hall, approached Range to plan the concert hall and to design the restaurant.

Its name is taken from nearby Promontory Point, a landscape designed by Alfred Caldwell notably featuring fire pits set within stone-formed seating areas known as “council rings.” The restaurant’s hearth-to-table concept takes inspiration from this landscape, creating a destination for gathering and refuge amid the surrounding urban environment.

The design carries this concept forward through the careful composition of design elements, connecting interior and exterior spaces, and by balancing the existing character of the building with new aesthetics. The product is the result of a rich collaboration with restaurateur, chef, artist and a skilled team of fabricators.

Status: Completed July 2014
Project Team: Mason Pritchett, Casimir Kujawa
Consultants: Lehman Design
Contractor: Blue Star Properties, Dan Sullivan, Andrew Kephart
Photo Credit: Nick Fochtman

Date: 2014

Scale: 3650

Location: Chicago, IL

Type: Hospitality