Smart Museum Belonging

As part of the Smart Museum's project title Belonging, RANGE collaborated with artists Rhoda Rosen and Billy McGuinnes of Red Line Service. Together, we created an installation at the museum titled Home.

Home is both an artifact and a space. As a space, it is almost but not altogether welcoming; a space for meditation as well as critical reflection. The felt recalls the blankets of the homeless shelter. The bench evokes train and city park benches, too short and too narrow for a person to lie down comfortably, the result of a cultivated inhospitality to people with nowhere else to sleep. In this way, it asks the visitor to consider what it means to feel at home in a city with extraordinary and visible displacement of so many of its inhabitants.

As an artifact, Home literally combines a white cube with an amphitheater-like space, simultaneously referencing the aesthetic of the modern museum and an ancient public space associated with community. By so doing, it offers the visitor the opportunity to reflect on how a sense of cultural and physical belonging is cultivated, and to ask how we might reshape our cultural institutions and welcoming to all.

Date: 2016

Scale: 16 SQ FT

Location: Chicago, IL

Type: Art Space